Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newbie Blogger Initiative

Have you been yearning to start a MMO blog?  Would you like to get readers and feedback right off the bat instead of posting secretly into the internet ether for months until you get noticed?  Your time has come!

Syp over at Biobreak has organized the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  The goal is to get as many new voices to join the grand conversation of the MMO blogosphere as possible this month, and Syp has organized a cadre of bloggers to back the initiative.  Start a general MMO blog, start a blog about your current MMO of choice, or heck start a blog about your favorite MMO mini game.  If it's MMOish you qualify.

As a participant you will get a good hunk of readers from the start, and advice from established bloggers if you want it.  That "readers from the start" thing is pretty hard to do on your own (take my word for it ).  If you are interested, head over to the forum that Syp set up to announce your blog to the world.  Alternately,  post a link to your new blog in the comments below and I will give you a shout out here.

Over the next few weeks the dozens of established bloggers participating will post advice for new bloggers, and links to the new blogs going up. Do you have a perspective on the MMO industry that you think isn't getting heard?  Do you want an audience for your riveting tales of the travels of a gnomish necromancer?  Do you wish your screenshots of the awesome rare pets you get in Wizard 101 could be viewed by dozens of strangers?  Now is the best chance you'll have to get that going :-)

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  1. I have submitted my blog on Syp's forum, and I also wanted to let everyone know here. Thanks for the extra publicity!

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