Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Love In is on a Haitus

You may have noticed that my previous, somewhat dry, post has been the only thing to read around here for a good while now.  I'm currently traveling and have access to neither MMOs nor much opportunity to post.  Expect posting to resume near the end of the month.  In the meantime, may your adventures be thrilling and your looting be fruitful :-)

This brief update brought to you by insomnia.


  1. No access to MMO's or able to blog? Dude, have you been taken prisoner? Is it some sort of torture, cause it sounds like it!

  2. If you've been captured, we can raise money for a ransom!

    If not, I hope your travels are pleasant and your return a swift one.

  3. When reading Anjin's comment, I mentally added "turn to page X" after each. I may have been reading to many gamebooks recently.

  4. Thanks for the concern ;-) I was not not interred in Gitmo, enrolled in rehab, or kidnapped for ransom. I had a work meeting followed by a vacation that involved a lot of outdoor areas. I got to see a solar eclipse, several canyons and pueblos, and lots of astoundingly gorgeous mountain scenery. In one day I went from mountain passes with slowly melting snowpacks (and 37 F)to highland desert (and almost 90 F).

    It's nice see amazing stuff in RL once in a while :-)

  5. Good to have you back. I kept fearing that an ear or finger would show up in the mail. I worried about explaining to my wife why we were getting "proof of life" for you. :)