Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Restricted classes and broker tokens now for sale in EQ2X

Today at around noon SOE released a small patch and an update to the item shop in Everquest II extended. Now silver and bronze players can buy access to restricted classes for $7.50 each, and can buy broker (auction house) tokens in stacks of ten for $1.50.

On the announcement I bought another $20 in station cash, bringing my total in EQ2X up to $45 since I started playing. I’m planning to buy access to the Arasai race and necromancer class, because I find the idea of playing an evil pixie delightful (along with half the players of EQ II it seems, based on what I remember from my days on the regular servers). That will still leave me with a bit to spend on AH..erm “broker” tokens. Each token allows you bid on or sell one item or stack of items.

At this point, unless more features are added it doesn’t look like I’ll be spending much more on EQ2X. I will soon own every race I like (I will have bought three packs after tonight), I own silver, and I won’t be buying any more classes unless more character slots become available. I’m also not going to get tricked into buying $6 worth of broker tokens every month, I’ll be using the broker sparingly. For what I’ve spent I have a heck of a lot of game in front of me, I feel like I’ve gotten a good value. However, if SOE doesn’t offer options like spell upgrade tokens, bag slot unlocks, or extra character slots I just don’t see anything else I’m going to want to buy. And even those options would have to be pretty inexpensive to lure me in.

As it stands, I plan to start leveling up a necro tonight who will focus on making bags. With the inventory restrictions in place currently, big bags is a huge priority. So far I haven’t had any other real issues with my silver account. Gear upgrades come in quickly from quests, and I’ve so far had more money than I need just from vendoring drops. Given the gold cap on silvers, it also doesn’t make a lot of sense to try and stockpile tons of cash.


  1. Out of curiosity, how does the gold cap handle cash that gets put in the player and shared banks? Or is that feature disabled in EQ2X?

    I'm strongly considering a bundle of broker tokens. With 10 tokens, I could buy a stack of cheap handcrafted 40-slot bags for my 2 bagslots (3 if/when I go silver) and a Mastercrafted Weapon every 10 levels til the cap. In principle, I could try and befriend a gold subscriber and get them to make my purchases for me, but I might be prepared to pay $1.50 for convenience.

  2. My understanding is that any gold past the cap goes poof once you reach your limit. I assume it all counts whether it is on you or in your bank

    Whether gold in the shared bank counts towards this limit or not I have no idea. For that matter, I'm not even sure you can put gold in the shared bank on a silver account. I haven't tried it.

    I totally agree, bags would certainly be a top priority for purchase unless you want to make your own. You can also get an enormous box (36 slots I believe) for your bank for free by talking to the crafting trainer in the starter areas (the guy that sends you on a gathering quest).

  3. You can, far as I know, store plat in the guild bank with no cap.

    The big box from the early gathering quest is only for harvestables.

    News item snagged.

  4. Also, I should point out, we have several gold-level players in the guild.

  5. @Yeebo: The thing with leveling a crafting profession just to make bags is that you will someday, after a lot of time and effort crafting and harvesting, be able to make the biggest bags. By contrast, you can complete the first two steps of A Gathering Obsession and have enough gold to broker a 40-slotter on day one.

    Also note that the free intro housing has two additional bank slots, which can take any bag (including the harvest-only box). Seems like a good place to stash stuff that you don't feel like throwing out (e.g. T1 common harvests) but don't want to store in your limited personal bank space.

  6. Fwiw, I think the Broker tokens are essentially Buy tokens. There are many other methods to sell including the auction channel (if Silver), guild, and apparently a player market somewhere at Mara.

    What's more with the 17g quest gold is pretty broken. You're very unlikely to be short of cash.

  7. @Ardwulf: I should have mentioned that. It's not a restriction for me because about all I ever store in my bank are gathered items and the odd ability scroll or recipe book I'm not high enough to use.

    I may update this post once I've had a chance to mess around with the new stuff tonight.

    @GreenArmadillo: absolutely, buying bags is a lot quicker and easier. However, I tend to have a hard time motivating myself to keep my gathering up on a character that doesn't craft anything. I've already got tailoring and scrolls covered. I guess I could go for jewelry instead if bags really are dirt cheap on the broker.

    I did not know you could put those in your house, that's a great tip. And thanks for the heads up on that gathering quest, I'll keep an eye out for it. 17g at level 5, holy cow.

    @Stabs: interesting, I thought you could use them to list stuff as well for some reason. I'll definitely clarify that later if true.

  8. Thanks for the head's up on the new update. I really need to get back in the game. I was enjoying my time quite a bit, but real life has intervened in a serious way.

  9. @ Yeebo You can use them to list stuff. What I meant is that listing stuff is a bit pointless. You can make 17g in about 20 minutes as often as you want on free alts. So no point going mad listing stuff like Palladium on the broker (unless you're comfortable spending a lot of dollars in which case just sub).

    If you did find the Shiny Sword of Shininess you'd probably get more plat selling it on the server forums than selling it on the broker.

    So while you can list stuff for sale it's not remotely needed.

  10. This is the worrying bit for SOE

    "However, if SOE doesn’t offer options like spell upgrade tokens, bag slot unlocks, or extra character slots I just don’t see anything else I’m going to want to buy. And even those options would have to be pretty inexpensive to lure me in."

    A DDO/LOTRO model offers a new stream of content to buy, a quest pack at a time.

    The current EQ2x model has some neat stuff - Silver unlock, race packs, class packs - but it's all one-off.

  11. @Stabs: ahh, that's a bit more clear. I suspected that's what you meant. I haven't bought any tokens yet, I'm kind of waiting to see where the economy goes.

    @Ian: That's a good point. Even if SOE wanted to start rolling out low and mid level adventure packs, there is so much content in the game already I'm not sure how well they would sell.

  12. @Anjin: sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can get back to what's really important soon ;-) I'll keep an eye out.

  13. Yeebo,

    The solution is to sell "attunement tokens" that let you attune high-grade gear and skills.

    Selling them as people grind new gear is the regular ker-ching they need.

    PS Velo is providing bags in-guild

  14. @Ian: I'd be amazed if something like that doesn't go in. Also, glad you made it into the guild :-)

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