Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EQ II extended: great game with a sub-par FtP model

Apologies for the radio silence, I was at a conference last week and playing catch up early this week.

The first thing I did when I had some spare time was try out Everquest II extended. Everquest II is one of those MMOs I have dabbled in a few times, and like quite a bit, but have never subbed to for more than a month or two. I tend to get bored with it in long doses, despite the fact that it's overall a very solid game. Because of that, I was really excited about the announcement of the FtP variant of EQ II, EQ II extended. The idea of being able to stick my head in whenever the wild hair strikes, and yet not have to sub, is appealing. I've worked my way up to 9 and 7 in two different starting areas on two different classes, and thought I'd share my impressions.

First I should start with the good. EQ II remains a solid game, X or no. It has a character customization system that is flexible without being overwhelming, has a very solid crafting system, a full featured housing system, a good appearance slot system, and a great guild leveling system. The latter is only rivaled by DDO among MMOs I have played.

Character progression is very quick. You will hit level 5 within an hour of logging, and have roughly twice as many abilities by then as you would in the great bulk of MMOs. Questing in Timorous Deep and New Halas also gets you gear upgrades extremely quickly. You can expect to have a full set of gear with solid stats by the time you hit ten, and that's a time commitment of perhaps three hours.

The tech behind this new version is also amazing. I hit the EQIIX website and was playing the game within less than ten minutes, on a fresh install. The time barrier to entry for a new player is now practically nil. It runs considerably better than I remember from the last time I played, but then again this is by far the best PC of the three I've played EQ II on. It's hard to say whether the client has been streamlined or average PCs have finally caught up to their poorly optimized client. I'll give SOE the benefit of the doubt and assume there are some improvements to their to their engine in this version.

Finally, there is a ton of content available on a free account. There are months of quests available to a new player whether you ever decide to pay or not. Rumor has it enough content to get you all the way to 80. That's kind of insane.

To summarize to this point: mechnically and technically EQIIX is an extremely solid MMO. There is no reason it could not become the best FtP MMO on the market.

Unfortunately, without changes to their current pricing model, it never will because FtP accounts are gimped no matter how much you spend on them.

This has been covered elsewhere, but to summarize Bronze/ Silver players (i.e., non - sub accounts) will never be able to access the following features no matter how much they are willing to pay:

-most of the classes [Edit (update): this afternoon it was announced that classes will be available in the future]
-the auction house
-the ability to set up a merchant in their house
-more than three character slots
-the ability to send mail
-the ability to change the amount of XP that goes AAs versus levelling addition to other features. I may spend the ten dollars to upgrade to a silver account. It gives you an extra character slot, shared bank slots for passing items among alts, some extra bag slots, and better abilities. But at this point, knowing that I will never be able to play the classes that I really want to play or access the auction house, I'm really not inclined to invest much money into the game.

I could always sub up for $15 a month (i.e., go gold) and remove most of those that I'd still have to pay for extra races beyond the base four and for the most recent expansion. Or I could buy the most recent expansion for about the same price that it costs on a gold account, and get the entire game and all the races for free with a $15 sub to any of the regular servers. Any way you slice it, EQ II extended is a poor value. The sub options are a worse value than subbing to their normal game, and a silver account is so restricted as to be extremely annoying to play. It's about on par with a completely free account in most FtP MMOs.

I really don't think SOE gets the whole concept of FtP MMOs. They give away access to 90% of the content for free, but then refuse to sell most of the classes to anyone that doesn't sub. Those are both enormous potential revenue streams that they are setting on fire. Anyone prone to sub would be foolish to do it in a gold account that charges extra for races. In addition, anyone prone to sub to EQ II likely already is subbing on one of the regular servers. This isn't a good strategy for getting new subbers, and it's a horrifically bad strategy for retaining and monetizing FtP accounts.

I have had decent fun the last two nights in EQIIX. However, even after the few hours I've played, the restrictions on the FtP accounts have me so frustrated that I'm likely putting this game on my back burner as soon as I get through the new starter area. DDO, Wizard 101, and soon LoTRO all provide a much better FtP experience. Until SOE pulls their head out of the sand and makes FtP accounts viable long term investments, I honestly can't see spending a lot of time or cash in EQIIX.

That isn't to say EQIIX is a bad game. It's a great game. It just isn't a very good FtP game with the payment options that SOE has chosen. If you have never played EQII, want a FtP game with a lot of content, and don't mind being cutoff from the in game economy and most of the classes; it's a decent choice. However, if your idea of a good FtP game is being able to buy lifetime access to a full featured MMO piecemeal (ala DDO or Wizard 101), it's not really an option. FtP in EQIIX is really an extended trial that can be gimped or severely gimped depending on whether you go for silver or stay bronze.

Edit (update): SOE, proving that they are not completely insane, has decided to start selling classes in a future update. I find this news encouraging enough that in addition to going silver, I'm buying a race pack as soon as I get home tonight. There are still going to be a lot of restrictions on silver accounts, but this was the one that irked me the most by a wide margin.

Edit(update2): in a further response in the same thread, senior SOE staff member (head CM guy?) Smokejumper implied that we will be able to buy extra character slots in a future update, but that the AH restrictions will most likely remain firmly in place for the time being.


  1. That's a great summary. I'm of the same mind myself, after hearing about the flaws. It just doesn't make sense the way they do it, not sure if it's an oversight or if it really was someone's harebrained idea over at SOE. And correct me if I'm wrong, but the EQ2X servers are separate right, with no chance of characters being transferred over to the paid servers and vice versa?

    I have to agree 100% with the painless installation process though. I was also very pleasantly surprised to see how quickly I could get into the game. So quickly that I had not expected to be playing that same night, so I was able to make a character but didn't really get a chance to do much.

  2. You can transfer characters from a regular account to a FtP account. You'd have to fire up a normal account and pay a $30 transfer fee, so you are looking at $35 minimum...and it's a one way trip to a server that offers a much poorer value than where you started.

    Characters can't go from the FtP servers to the regular servers, so if you start a FtP character you like a Gold Account is really the only way to get most of the restrictions removed.

  3. I think someone at SOE had a panic attack when LOTRO going f2p was announced and they decided to quickly do something about it.

    So they made a slight quick&dirty trial revamp, slapped an "f2p" label on it and hope the superficial change will get them more customer and/or perhaps not lose too many existing ones.

    I am sure SOE has a lot of dedicated and talented people, but I suspect there is also a sizeable amount of management who not quite in touch with their target audiences and thus weird decisions happen.

  4. I'm glad you wrote this post so that I don't have too. You've said everything that I have been thinking. I've really enjoyed getting back in the game (the new starting zone is great) but their F2P model is just silly. It reminds me of Free Realms where the goal was to turn everyone into a subscriber. Only, why would anyone do that? Great post!

  5. @Sente: I saw it remarked somewhere that SOE pretty much had to get this out the door quickly so that they have a chance to attract players before LoTRO goes FtP at the end of the month. It does seem like a bit of a rush job, apart from the streaming client tech which really has impressed the hell out of me.

    @Anjin: I am having decent fun with it as well. Hopefully the almost universally negative response among forum goers and bloggers to the silver account restrictions will convince SOE to allow us to buy our way out of more of them over time.

  6. I'm a happy DDO premium buyer, and I'm going to be doing the same with LOTRO. I love the idea of buying permanent access to the content I want, and so I'd looked at EQ2 and shrugged.

    Now that SOE has been hit with the clue stick and is getting the idea of selling content piecemeal, I might try EQ2.

  7. @Ian: I concur totally. I have gone from thinking this is a game I would dabble in for a week or two to thinking it may become one of my main MMOs, along with DDO.

  8. While they have locked themselves into offering the content for free, there is a sleaze, in that they could sell gradual access to 'legendary' and 'fabled' items ... this will remove the dumb situation where I can play the content, kill the boss and not equip the loot.

    Ahh well, EQ2 is downloading

  9. I don't believe Turbine's model is the be all end all for f2p, but they were smart in not having the two separate services and just went full on f2p. That is what I believe to be the main issue is for SOE, trying to balance these two services and making them both appealing to players.

  10. @Jaydub: I don't think Turbine's model is perfect either. There are some elements I find really annoying. However, I think DDO is one of the better FtP MMOs overall in terms of value.

    Wizard 101 actually trumps it for value, you really don't have to pay for anything there but content. Contrast that with DDO, where in addition to content you pretty much have to buy a collectibles bag for every character, and a lot of the classes and races are cut off if you don't spring for them.

  11. Now that they're going to offer class unlocks, broker passes, and extra character slots, I think the F2P side of things is shaping up.

    There's a heckuva lot of gameplay available that doesn't require raid-level tuning. And there is the option to subscribe at any time...

  12. Well, I got EQ2x loaded. Very smooth load process.

    Levelled a character up to 17, did some crafting, rented a house, bought a cat.

    The lack of /tell and global channels makes it a really, really isolated playing experience. There are about four guilds actively recruiting FTP people, however, and Broker and chat restrictions will effectively disappear once guilded.

    The limits on skills and items hit faster than I expected - as a level 15 crafter, my character can make spells he cant cast.

    Coin limitations are a non-issue, and easily rorted (hold commodities, not cash).

    Bag slots are annoying, but only annoying.

  13. @Grimjack: agree, those will make a big difference.

    @Ian: Ardwulf is running a guild that takes bronze players. You can read about it here:

    Guild website is here: