Thursday, January 28, 2010

Server Mergers in Age of Conan

Age of Conan just finished up their server mergers. The merger worked, the servers are packed out now. Unfortunately, it turns out that a lot of the inhabitants of AoC are slightly asshatish. General chat lasted all of ten minutes before I shut it off.

On logging, I discovered that one of my characters had inexplicably been moved to a Role Play PvP server. Though he was my highest character, he was only 20 so I re-rolled him on the server where all my other characters ended up (Set). Leveling him up for the second time, I discovered that the combat in AoC is a little more skill based than I supposed it was. I'm tearing through encounters I found difficult the first play through, and the main reason is that I know how to use all my combos much better now. Any game is easier if you are playing a class and content you are familiar with, but not to the degree I'm experiencing in AoC.

I also discovered an hour ago that I could have moved the guy I'm replacing to Set for free. I have the new one up to 15 so I guess I'll stick with him. And who knows, maybe I'll want to have a mid level toon available on the server where guys gank you while using such clever RP as "By Crom ye are but a stripling! Taste my salty man parts thou foolish cur!"


  1. Server mergers always sound bad, but hopefully have more populated servers will help the overall health of the game.

  2. @Jay: Massive server mergers bode poorly to be sure. However, I personally have a lot more respect for a company that will "man up" and merge servers when that is needed to make their game fun than a company that will leave ghost towns online for PR purposes.

    If you ever get going again, look for Suyulak on Set. I'm paid up till the end of March through a series of circumstances too insanely boring to blog about.

  3. Yeebo, you make it sound like you subscribed by accident. You can't not tell the story now. :)

    Anyway, server merges are bad. Leaving empty servers (like WAR did) around is much, much worse. Maybe I should resub to see where my character ended up.