Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sitting out the STO launch

Star Trek Online looks like a great game. But I can't see my way clear to cramming in another MMO right now. I'm already splitting my time between Age of Conan (impressions coming soon) and Lord of the Rings Online. And then there is Champions Online, which I have yet to crack 15 in.

I'm also not too eager to risk falling in love with one game before launch and having it become another right after launch. I'd rather wait a week or two for the dust to settle around whatever last minute changes Cryptic feels the urge to make, and then try the game from there. I never experienced the defense nerf (hey...that sounds familiar) that Champions Online got on launch day, they had adjusted things back to sane levels by the time I got my PC up and running again. However, I don't think I would have enjoyed it.


  1. No sense jamming another game onto your plate if you don't have time for it. I'm sure if/when you take a look at it you'll be better off since you'll missed all of the launch drama.

    Check you're friends list in Champions next time you get a chance, I sent you a friend invite.

  2. I agree with Blue Kae. Waiting can only help. If your schedule frees up, STO will have a more time under its belt before you try it. And don't worry, you're not alone in waiting out this launch.

  3. @Blue Kae: Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely check that the moment I activate my account again.

    @Anjin: I'm keeping an eye on STO even if I don't plan to play it immediately. I am rooting for the game to do well, because I like a lot of the concepts I've read about. I'll be curious to see how well Cryptic manages to execute.

  4. No reason to jump on a new MMO if it is not helping to scratch an itch.

    MMO launches are the time when the games are passable its parents are not too ashamed of its behaviour in public - but it will only get better with some practice.