Friday, August 21, 2009

Things looking up for Champions Online, and other quick news hits

Among the bloggers that I follow, there were two in particular I was waiting on to give their impressions of Champions Online. Anjin, of Bullet Points, is a fan of comic books as well as MMOs. Sente, of A Ding World, is the most hardcore City of Heroes fan I follow. Both Sente and Anjin have posted their initial impression of the open beta, and are pretty positive. In fact, the the buzz on the net has completely turned around for this game. In addition, the open beta is truly open now (at least until Fileplanet runs out of beta keys). To me that signals confidence in the product on the part of Cryptic, and I think it's a great move. Hopefully, I'll be able to get one of the keys before Fileplanet runs out so I can stick my head in and form my own opinions.

In other news, to the surprise of few save Tobold, the leaked WoW expansion rumors turned out to be true. The expansion will certainly get me back to try things out, but my urge to play the current game has pretty much vanished. Obviously a goblin mage will will be the best character type to play (particularly if they have a flying carpet and a swami hat!)...why even bother leveling any of my existing toons?

Finally, City of Heroes is getting Issue 16 about the same time that CO launches. The main theme of the patch is that heroes will be able to customize the color of their powers. For example, if you are a blaster type that shoots lightning, you can make it any color you like. Unfortunately, CO offers this option right out of the box..which sort of steals their thunder in my mind.


  1. ...why even bother leveling any of my existing toons?
    I concur with this. I was thinking about rolling a druid since I've never played one before. Now I'm waiting until Cataclysm to start any new alts.

    And as for Champions, yeah, I think it's worth it.

  2. I totally agree, any interest I had in resubbing before the expansion (which was already pretty small) is now completely gone. That said, the chance that I resub once the expansion is released is now much more certain.

    I'm wondering though, if I even need to buy the expansion or can just resub. From what I read, Blizzard is not using phasing to roll out the world change, so everybody will have it. I'd only need the expansion if I want to play a new race or get above 80, neither or which is of interest to me at the moment.

  3. I believe I did read somewhere that the changes to old Aezeroth are going out free to everyone. When you think about it, they have little choice.

  4. Seems like the expansion will be tied to the new races, levels, and raid content. It would be really interesting to get numbers after release about how many just resub for the old world revamp versus how many buy the expansion.