Sunday, June 16, 2024

EQ II Origins looks to be a win for Daybreak

The Everquest II origins server looks like it is going to be a hit for Daybreak.  Two observations lead me to this conclusion. A thread started about the launch over on the MMORPG reddit is surprisingly positive.  You can also read more about the final ruleset there. A well received post on that board is a minor achievement in its own right because, as nearly as I can tell, the people that hang out there hate the vast majority of MMOs. However, another really positive sign in my mind is that players in the beta are so passionate that they have already started up a ruleset specific wiki.   A large community seems to be gelling around this server.  

Of course the real proof will be in what things look like six months from now.  Nearly any MMO can spin up a new server and get huge crowds at launch.  However, it remains to be seen whether players will stick around like they did for the Classic servers in WoW.  I will say that, on reflection, I believe they have chosen the right era.  Far enough back to feel distinct from current servers, but not so far back that really punishing systems like the crafting sub-combines are in.  We are well past the days when anyone is willing to pay a sub fee to play "Second job: the game."

An aside . .

I'm not dead. I even have three half written posts in the wings, one of which is a 2024 view of SWTOR.  As soon as I get to take a breath they will go up (it's been a crazy year for me).  However, this was just such low hanging fruit I couldn't resist a quick post.  I hope your year is going well!

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