Saturday, October 1, 2011

On Isenguard, the new LoTRO expansion

It's fantastic. By far the most fun I've had in the Lord of the Rings Online since the launch of Moria. It expands on Tolkien's narrative in completely logical ways. It also offers vistas that I can absolutely imagine him creating if he had lived long enough to do it.

The home of the falcon clan. One of the few clans of Dunlander's that were never corrupted by Sauroman's promises.

I know that I'm generally a positive Perry (as opposed to a negative Nancy). But I really think Turbine knocked this one out of the park, at least from the perspective of a soloist. What the new end game is like remains to be seen.


  1. Good to hear indeed. I can't wait to free up some time!

  2. Oh wow, more screenshots please! That's beautiful. I currently don't have time for LOTRO, so if I could just live those gorgeous vistas vicariously through your blog that would be great :P

  3. I'm playing again but have only spent a few minutes in Dunland. What I saw was really beautiful and I'm looking forward to going back once I get caught up on the book quests.