Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big ass sale for a very short time in LoTRO

Via Biobreak, there is a huge sale LoTRO starting at midnight tonight (runs until the 13th at midnight eastern time). Quest packs for the Lonelands, North Downs, and Evindim will all go on sale for 75% off (!). That is enough content to get you to the low 40s and ready for Foreschel if you really milk it. If you are FtP in LoTRO and don't have those zones yet, you'd do well to take advantage. Doing my part to spread the heads up.


  1. Thanks for the notice. I wonder if I have enough time to download, install, and buy the packs tonight. :)

  2. Last time I did a delete and full re-install it was around five hours (if I remember right). You'd definitely be cutting it close.

  3. Wow, nice sale. I completely missed it while I was on vacation, but I'm a subscriber hence VIP at the moment anyway, so it doesn't matter...but wow, good on Turbine. This is why I love them.