Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Hits: Last Day of March Edition

A trailer for Funcom's upcoming horror MMO The Secret World is up at, and I have to say "Holy crap, that looks like something I want to play." Unfortunately, based on their track record so far, it will likely be next to unplayable for the first few months after launch. Of course maybe the Funcom curse only applies to MMOs that start with A.

Another trailor for FFIV is up, and it looks . . . really really Japanese (make of that what you will). My favorite part of the tailor is when both the narrators say "Ooh Chocobo!" Regardless, if it turns out to be the first solo friendly MMO I can play on my couch, sign me up.

My main in Allods Online hit 20 last night. It's taken me ages. However, since 20 is half way to the level cap of 40, I suppose that's as it should be. I'm almost out of quests in the very very last PvE area. The game should either pleasantly surprise me or become "Chain ganked by 40s: the MMO" when I hit the next area, which is an open PvP zone.

I completed my second area in Myst Online Monday night, a very pretty zone called Teledahn. I got two new shirts out of it, so there is actually some loot in Myst. However it's strictly for appearance slots. The area contained what seemed like a novella's worth of journal entries sitting on a desk waiting to be read. It filled out the backstory of the area I was in, so I read every bit of it. I really eat up details like that.

Finally, this just in from Aspendawn: things are not looking good for Alganon. Having official posts that advise players (paraphrased) 'you should probably delete our client from your hard drive and stop hanging around our forums' seems pretty counter to the purpose of having an official forum to me. But what do I know? :-/

Wow, that turned out to be more of a ramble than I expected.

Happy hunting!


  1. You're probably right about The Secret World, though one would think they would have learned their lesson with AoC. It looks awesome though, and I'll probably be giving it a shot when it comes out.

    And grats on hitting 20 in Allods. I think my highest character on there is like 13. I felt that the leveling started slowing down around then, so I'd say hitting 20 is quite a milestone! I sincerely wish you the best of luck in the PvP zones.

  2. Besides all of the lore that you eat up in MMOs, those Myst journals have some useful clues.

    I haven't had much time on weeknights, but I'm looking forward to returning tomorrow.

    I finally broke down and looked up a spoiler :-/ but still having a blast.

    I guess I'm going to have to consider one of these other MMOs for a diversion, as LotRO burnout seems to be setting in. Recommendations?

  3. Considering how many time Myst has come back from the dead, I really aught to try it again while I still have the chance.

  4. @mmogamerchick: the pace really does slow to what seems like a crawl by the late teens in Allods. And I sincerely hope Funcom surprises us with the launch.

    @Jomar: yeah, I was able to figure out how to get a glimpse of "Shroomy" from the journal notes. Very cool.

    @Anjin: as long as you don't mind the clunky chat and UI, I'd say it's a solid game. Lot of fun if you score high on the "explorer" end of the gamer scale.