Thursday, November 19, 2009

Online Agenda

So it appears that I'm stuck on my backup PC for at least a few more weeks. What can you do with a PC that was pretty good five years ago? In no particular order, these are my planned gaming endeavors for the next few weeks:

Borderlands (on the 360): I am up to about 24 on a Support Gunner and 19 on a Hunter. I've finally been able to dabble in online play, and it is a heck of a lot of fun. Very little lag and voice chat works like a charm. However, I'm still playing mainly offline so that I can take my time and carefully dig through all the loot that drops. I'll likely be online a bit more once I've been through the main story at least once.

LoTRO: everyone in my kinship likely thinks I'm dead, it's been almost a month since I've been able to log on a weekend. Planning to catch up with things there. I'm also considering starting an alt on Landroval. Maybe a human burgler?

i-tunes: I absolutely need something I can play on my backup PC at a decent frame rate and still run i-tunes in the background. Harsh electronica makes killing things more fun. Wizard 101 and World of Warcraft both fit that bill, I may go back to one of them. DAoC is also very friendly in terms of system requirements, I might stick my head in there to see how the game is getting along (poorly I suspect).


  1. When ever you want some coop with Borderlands, I am more than willing to oblige, I love that game.

    And yes you should do an alt on Landroval since I just paid for a six month sub!

  2. If you end up with an alt on Landroval, send me a note in game to Brynulf.

  3. I'm on Landroval as well. Look for Chyra!

  4. Glad you have you back and playing, even if it's on a less-than-perfect machine. Landroval seems like the place to be now. :)