Friday, July 17, 2009

A fantastic MMO review

Really seriously a must read review of Darkfall. At Eurogamer of all places. The bit towards the end where the reviewer steps out and gives his thoughts on the entire practice of reviewing MMOs I especially enjoyed.

On Darkfall, it's absolutely not the kind of game I'd get into. Nothing infuriates me more than clunky controls, and even reviews from screaming fanboys make the controls sound clunky. Yeah I guess I'd get used to them eventually. But I could also get used to being blind and crippled. Doesn't mean I'd like to. Further, every single review I have read makes it sound raising your skills is tortuously slow. No thanks.


  1. Finally finished reading that review. I'm glad they really did have Gillen re-review the game, and he knocked it out of the park. Thanks for the link, Yeebo!

  2. This was the first review of Darkfall that I have read, except the posts @ Broken Toys.

    Well written review, thanks for the link.