Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aha, time to begin

This blog will mainly be about MMOs. If you like other stuff look elsewhere. Oh yeah, what's up with the name? Well, in short I expect this blog to be a bit more positive that what I see coming from some of the more established bloggers.

A lot of long time MMO players seem to have burned out on the Diku MUD design back when it was still text. I'm talking guys that seem to be waiting for some experimental (and likely somewhat EVEish) thunderbolt to streak down from the sky and show what MMOs could have been all along if most MMO consumers weren't so accepting, lazy, and myopic. The guys that were pissed when LoTRO wasn't pre-Trammel UO with a Middle Earth Skin. The guys that are currently pissed that WAR is a lot like WoW, only with a completely different tone, classes, world, and endgame (?!)

That's not me. I've been playing since the days of MUDs too (though to be fair virtual worlds didn't really catch me until EQ). However, unlike some vets, I feel privileged to be living in the time that I am. Those of us that are currently into virtual worlds are experiencing something that is well and truly new, as it emerges. We stand on the edge of a wave that has yet to crest.

Because of this, I’m not going to grouse a lot about games as they come out. Whether I like a particular game or not, it's part of the kinetic energy powering a new movement that we will all benefit from. Honestly, I feel like bitching about MMOs as a genre right now would be a lot like bitching about film in 1914, or bitching about the web in 1991.

I’ll slam individual MMOs for certain. However, I’m not so jaded that I get pissed at MMOs a genre every time “the next big MMO” fails to revolutionize virtual worlds as we know them. I feel like a good deal of evolution has to occur before the ground conditions are ripe for a revolution. And when revolution does occur, we'll be standing right in the middle of it (though we likely won't realize at the time).

Just wait, it’s coming.

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