Saturday, November 27, 2010

Healers of WoW PuGs, I salute you

Last night I started mixing in the Dungeon Finder with normal questing on my new mage. The fact that it takes me so long to get a group as a DPS is actually pretty cool, because it lets me mainly work on quests and get whisked off to a group every 30 minutes or so. My job in a group is also easy as hell: hit stuff in the face with fire until it dies, and don't get aggro off of the main tank. It's been really rewarding, Grizlith now is running with several pieces of blue gear that make his quest rewards and/ or anything my pocket tailor can craft look stupid. On my first run, I was the only cloth wearer and got three items.

In my second run, I wasn't paying enough attention and got aggro off of a boss from the main tank by opening up with big spells when he was still winding up. Our priest did his best, when he shouldn't even have to be paying attention to my health, but couldn't keep me up. Once the boss was down, as the priest was rezzing me, someone called a vote to kick him from our party. It was quickly rejected, but holy I spazzed out and got myself killed, and one of the other DPSs immediately blames the healer. If that is the kind of treatment healers normally get in WoW PuGs, my hat goes off to anyone that has the patience to stick with it.


  1. I healed WoW pugs for five years. It was generally pretty fun but it has its facepalm moments.

  2. I'm usually the tank, but I heal with my offspec every now and then. This is why when I heal I like to take along someone I know as a tank, preferably my husband. That way if someone wants to kick me for silly reasons like this, hey, my husband leaves too. Good luck waiting 20-30 minutes for another healer AND a tank!

  3. That's hilarious, GeeCee.

    I have healed and tanked PUGs in the past. Most of the time people just do their things, say "thanx" at the end, and go away again. Haven't run into too much idiocy, thank goodness.