Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great deal on STO, an even better one on PoTBS

I posted somewhere recently that I was waiting for the price of Star Trek Online to get down to "practically free" before I was going to get it. Amazon is currently selling the collectors edition for nine dollars. With shipping it was 11, less than the price of the month of sub time I'll get with the box. I think that qualifies as practically free.

In other news, somehow I missed the fact that Pirates of the Burning Sea FtP has officially launched. You can look at the price matrix here. I have no idea what most of that stuff is, but apart from "ship storage slots" it looks like you get enough of them on a free account to see if they are any good and if you want to buy more. The sweet spot looks like "Premium Account" to me. All you have to do is sub for a month, getting full access to the missions and an XP bonus for Captain's Account for that month. Then, at the end of the month if you cancel you drop down to Premium, keeping all the extra slots and ship insurance. At least on paper, it seems like a good deal.

Finally, my gnome mage made 36 last night. My epic rocket chicken is only four levels away...


  1. Ahh yes, I think I need to play me some PotBS now that it's free! But I might make me a new captain because the game has changed some since the last time I played.

  2. @Jaydub: I certainly plan to take it for a spin soon. I need to mix something in with WoW so I don't get burned out on it again.

  3. I always wondered about PotBS, but never enough to pay any money for it. Now that it's free to play, I want to take a nice long look at it. At least, after my WoW binge tapers off.

  4. @Anjin: that is pretty much all that is keeping me from jumping in right now, I'm still obsessing too hard on WoW.

  5. Excellent! Look up your fellow captains when you get on STO ;) Season 3 just came out too, so I'm going to be finding some time this weekend to check it out.

    And funny, I also just installed Potbs on my computer the other day, and gave it a whirl. I'm sort of with Anjin though, I don't think I can pile on any more new games right now until I get WoW out of my system :P