Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A few of quick hits

No, really it isn't in my imagination. The free content additions since Mines of Moria launched have been positively meager compared to what we got during the first year of LoTRO.

Dana Massey over at posted an opinion piece listing what he considers to be the top ten pre-WoW MMOs. I agree with most of his choices, though including Vanguard seems a bit questionable and I'm surprised Champions Online didn't make the cut. However, what I most enjoyed was the predicatable trainwreck of fanboy chimpanzee screeches and poo throwing that follows the piece. "WTF where is AoC!" "WTH is LoTRO doing on that list, everyone knows it's teh suxxors!" "Who the hell plays Club Pengiun?" ect. It's hard to believe how much I used to hang out there.

Finally, 1up has posted their review of Aion. The reviewer never got to the PvP endgame, which seems like a pretty important omission since the endgame is supposed to be one of the major selling points. However, I have to agree with his closing statement. If the game is so bland that he completely stalled out in the mid levels, he shouldn't be recommending it. The review addresses what I really want to know "Would I enjoy Aion enough to really explore it?" Based on the frequent content gaps he describes, probably not. Whether or not a MMO has a cool end game doesn't matter to me one bit if the leveling game stinks. I don't care if the endgame consists of Swedish models coming to my house to warm my bed and make me pancakes. If I'm not having fun a few hours into an MMO, it's leaving my hard drive. Plus the models might tick off my significant other . . .


  1. Lots of interesting thoughts. I can only think that is might have been better with bullet points. :)

    I've effectively thrown a bucket of water on any desire I might have to play Aion. A lot of people have been oohing and aahing about it, but I'm not seeing anyone actually talking about playing it.

    As for Swedish models, that would be one heck of a play incentive. Maybe they should pack them only in the collector's edition.

  2. I would that yes, I would buy the Swedish Model Collectors Prestigious Edition for what ever game. That's just me.

  3. I just read the 1up review, and I get the same feeling he does. I will get to the Abyss before writing a review, but I don't think I am going to like it.

  4. I lost most of my interest in Aion when I hit the teens in beta. First, I realized that flight was for PvP and not exploration/travel. Second, I ran into my first the level grind. If I'd been more attached to the lore, I might've stayed with it, and I may still go back at some point but not anytime soon.