Sunday, February 21, 2010

Allod's Online: Impressions so far

Despite the rather dire news about the cash shop, I decided to try Allod's online. The ability have my character consist of three cute fuzzy guys is just way more than I can resist. I decided to record impressions as I go. As this isn't a twitter feed, I'm posting them all at once at the end of the night.

- Downloading the client now. They must have a lot of bandwidth for their download servers. Current speed 1,300 KBps. This would have blown my mind in the 56K days.

- The patch after downloading was super quick. 40 minutes for the client, and then less then a minute to get to the current version, yay!

-What the hell?!? Yeebo is already taken as an account name. Does someone from the global conglomerate play? [An aside, they just started showing up on Google about a year ago] Do I have a stalker? Crappity crap, I guess I'll have to go with an older acronym.

-Not only do I get play three short fuzzy guys, and not only do I get to name them all, but we start with a giant pink squirrel as our pet. This may be the best game ever created by humans.

-Team Grizlith, Yeebo, and Gigi is borne. Frita the giant pink squirrel rounds out our roster.

-The first quest is literally to kill rats. Presumably it's tongue in cheek . . .

-Holy crap, I love this game. I'm playing an animist, which means I am a ranged DPS that gets a pet squirrel in my choice of colors. Do not underestimate Frita, she will kick your ass.

In my first hour I have taken down zombies, a demonologist, and finally a giant elite demon. The game sort of cheated on the last battle, it was seemingly hard coded that I wouldn't go below 70 health. Regardless, the lore that has emerged from the quests I've done is really interesting. For example, I have learned what an allod is, and I've learned a lot about the psychology of the race I picked. If gPotato (the NA handlers of this game) can come up with a slightly more sane pricing structure for their item shop, they will have one of the best FtP MMOs on the market. As it stands, it looks like I'm in for a lot of fun until I hit whatever the soft cap for free accounts is.

Here is my team:

Hell to the yes!


  1. I have read nothing but good things about Allods, and players are willing to pay for things in a game they like, I've done it with DLC for games. So why the sudden price hike in the cash shop, it just doesn't make any sense.

    I can understand the company wanting to make money, nothing wrong with that at all. But the sudden change to the cash shop seems a bit extreme to me.

  2. Yeah I'm hearing a lot of people really having fun with it. If not for the pvp I'd be there!

    Look forward to hearing more of your adventures there. :)

  3. @Jaydub:I totally agree, I just hope they haven't sacrifice too much marketplace momentum with this blunder.

    @Apsendawn: apart from the item shop insanity, it does seem to have good buzz going. I haven't had this much fun in a FtP since I tried DDO.