Friday, December 18, 2009

Klingons in Star Trek Online has an interview with Jack Emmert up that describes how Klingons will work in launch STO. Highlights include:

-The PvE game on the Klingon side will not be nearly as deep as that on the Federation side. Klingon missions will focus largely on PvP, and Klingon PvE will focus largely on randomized encounters in deep space.

- Initially all PvP will take place in instances. There will be ten instances at launch, and the max players per instance will be ten per faction.

-Klingon ships will be able to stealth out, while Federation ships will not. Klingon ships will be more maneuverable and better at close range fighting than Federation ships. Klingons will get the only ship capable of launching fighters.

All in all, I have to say that sounds pretty exciting to me. Two factions at launch with vastly different playstyles sounds like a good thing. Some commentators are up at arms because it turns out the Klingons won't have a PvE game of the same depth that the Federation has at launch. However, I don't see it as a problem at all. I imagine that the majority of players drawn to the Klingon faction will be there mainly to "kick Federation ass!" If you are there mainly for the PvP, not being forced to screw much with a PvE game is a good thing, not a bad thing.


  1. This reminds me vaguely of LotRO's PvMP. I'm pretty sure that was popular (at least for a while) so it will probably work out here. At least so long as Cryptic remembers to keep it updated as the game advances.

  2. I think this is a good approach as well and fits well in with Klingon culture - at least from what I know of it (not a big Star Trek fan).

  3. I agree with Anjin, it sounds a lot like monster play from LOTRO, which seems like a good fit for the Klingons.

  4. I actually really enjoyed monster play in LoTRO. Something like that, but more fleshed out sounds like a lot of fun to me.

    And I'm right there with you guys. Having to go through a chain of PvE quests to level doesn't make a lot of sense with my concept of a Klingon.

  5. Going to throw in my "me too". The Klingon setup sounds quite a bit like LoTRO's monster play, only a little more fleshed-out and slightly less isolated from the rest of the game. As far as those who are disappointed that it's not a fully playable PvE game, I imagine there would be just as many gamers disappointed if they had to go out and grind Kill 10 Targs before they could get into PvP. Star Trek is just one of those IPs where someone is always going to be bitter, disappointed, and angry.