Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Star Trek Online

I am not the world's biggest trekkie. Although I certainly had a thing for a certain security officer in high school (yes, I'm that old). And it seems like a really hard franchise to do well. I'm skeptical that Cryptic can really pull it off (though from all the early info it looks like they are heading in the right direction).

Despite all that I'm really looking forward to Star Trek Online. Flying around the galaxy in your own star ship and then beaming down to planets to have adventures just sounds damn fun.

Definitely one I'm keeping an eye on.


  1. STO is one of those games I'm not really looking forward to because I'm not a big fan of the license. If they launch an awesome game, I'll try it just in case. But this has the same hurdle to leap as SWTOR. (And yes, I'm really equating SWTOR with STO.)

  2. While I am not really a Star Trek fan I will have a look at that one, since it is Cryptic working on it.

    As long as it is a good game it does not really matter whether it is Star Trek or something else, although I prefer SciFi without pyjamas most of ht etime.